Star Trek Reliant – Patrick Stewart’s New Star Trek Show’s Name Revealed 

 August 8, 2018

By  Trademark Ninja


Star Trek Reliant

If you can find anybody who will take the bet, then do yourself a favour and bet them 10 quid that the name of the next Star Trek show featuring Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard will be called ‘Star Trek Reliant’.

Why So?

The trademark filings ‘make it so’*

Star Trek Reliant Trademark Application

A few days ago the nice folks at CBS filed this Star Trek Reliant trademark application: It just so happens that they filed this trademark application the same day that Patrick Stewart announced he was reprising his role as Jean Luc Picard for a new Star Trek series.

Suspicious much?


Star Trek Reliant

What does this mean?

Well, as I’m sure the keyboard warriors of the internet will be quick to point it, technically it means nothing.

CBS will likely say to any press who ask “We regularly file trademarks for all manner of things to protect and expand our intellectual property portfolio, this doesn’t mean anything is going to be released under that title” (or something like that).

They don’t.

Like, at all. CBS applied for 4 in 2017, for example, all of which they use.

Here’s all the recent Star Trek Trademarks that CBS have applied for.

Star Trek Trademark Applications

Can any Trekkies amongst us tell us how many of those have not gone on to be a product / TV Programme / Game / Movie? (Spoiler alert, I’d wager the answer is none)

Star Trek Reliant – Goods and Services

We can also tell it’s not a game/product because of what it has been applied for:

“Entertainment services, namely a continuing multimedia series featuring drama rendered through the media of television, cable, satellite and broadband systems, and via the Internet, and portable and wireless communication devices; Providing ongoing non-downloadable entertainment multimedia programs featuring drama via a video-on-demand services; providing information in the field of entertainment rendered via the Internet, and portable and wireless communication devices”

Don’t Make Me Say I Told You So

The last time something like this happened, I revealed Disenchantment was the name of the new Matt Groening Netflix show, and nobody listened. You can read more about that sorry saga here – http://thetrademarkninja.com/2017/07/26/disenchantment-netflix/

If You Use It, Credit It

Yes, I’m talking to you TMZ/Forbes, you know what you did.

And Finally

If you have any IP questions or queries please get in touch with either Brian Conroy or Ronan McGoldrick

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*That’s a Star Trek gag if you don’t know.

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  • I’d venture to guess you weren’t as popular the first time around, guessing Disenchantment. You’ve gotten 2 big ones now by scanning the USPTO, and seriously congrats! Keep doing what you’re doing and you’re going to bring scoops quickly, that’s awesome!

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