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Trademark Ninja is…..

You clicked it!

I can’t believe you clicked it. Where’s your sense of mystery and adventure??

I bet you loved the bit at the end of every episode of Scooby Doo when the unmasked the villain, didn’t you?

Fine, fine. The Trademark Ninja is Brian Conroy

Brian Conroy, Trademark Agent

Brian Conroy Trademark Ninja

Brian Conroy, is a registered EU Trademark Agent practicing with Rennick Solicitors and Trademark Agents, based in Dublin, Ireland.

Brian trained with McCann FitzGerald Solicitors in Dublin, before working for the Denis O’Brien owned Communicorp Group for 6 years. Brian now heads up the IP and Commercial Litigation department in Rennick Solicitiors and specialises in Trademark Registration and Litigation, Intellectual Property Disputes and Media Law.

Brian Has Degree from Trinity College Dublin

He has a Diploma and Data Protection Practice from the Law Society of Ireland

He is a registered Irish and European Trade Mark Agent with experience at national and international level

Are you happy now?

You probably have some questions – That’s fine – Click here for Brian’s LinkedIn Page to get his full background and history and you can also visit his website for more Interesting IP and news HERE

The one thing you probably really want to know is “What’s with the whole Ninja thing”, and the answer is quite simple. Would you be here if the website was called I’m a lawyer, but that doesn’t mean I have to be dull and boring. And everyone knows Ninjas are awesome. Fact. ……NINJJJJJJA Chop!