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Trademark Ninja Services

What Can Trademark Ninja Do For You?

The Trademark Ninja can provide you with a full Trademark, Intellectual Property and Brand Protection suite of services. For example, Trademark Ninja frequently provides the following services.

Additionally, if you’re planning on applying for trademarks soon, there’s a fair chance the Trademark Ninja will see your applications (Ninja’s don’t get out much) and if it’s interesting, it will end published here on The Trademark Ninja Website. If you don’t want to have your brand or trademark featured on the site, please contact the Ninja to find out how to make that happen, and get advice to make sure nobody else finds your applications also.

Since The Ninja broke the story about Apple’s trademarks, many brands now want the Ninja to investigate their brand and make sure he can’t find their filings. The Ninja is happy to offer his Ninja Skills to any brand that is trying to achieve Ninja secrecy.