Nissan Project Black S – Trademark Filed by Nissan 

 February 23, 2017

By  Trademark Ninja


Nissan Project Black S

On 22nd February 2017, car maker Nissan applied for a European Trademark for ‘Project Black S’

It’s registered for:

Goods and services

  • 12Vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail; automobiles; electric vehicles; waggons; trucks; vans [vehicles]; sport utility vehicles; motor buses; recreational vehicles (RV); sports cars; racing cars; bicycles; lorries; fork lift trucks; tractors including towing tractors; brake pads for land vehicles; vehicle bumpers; air bags [safety devices for land vehicles]; mudguards; parts of land, air and water vehicles; vehicle accessories.

Like So:


I tweeted @NissanUK about it, and to my eternal surprise, they replied!

Nissan Project Black S Twitter Conversation #BlackS #ProjectBlackS #Nissan Nissan Project Black S Twitter Conversation #BlackS #ProjectBlackS #Nissan


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