Fuze Mobile Phones? Fuze Trademarks Filed in the US for “Mobile Phones; Smarthphones” 

 February 12, 2017

By  Trademark Ninja


Fuze Mobile

Last week I spotted 33 trademark applications for Mobile Phones and Smartphones, almost entirely in the US and all applied for by what I assumed to be a shell corporation in the British Virgin Islands named ‘Sino Legacy Holdings Limited’

It didn’t really mean anything to me, other than it looked like there was a new mobile player in town because I couldn’t match any of the (less than catchy) names to other providers (except for one Indian company)

In the last 2 days however the US Patents Office has updated, and now there’s another 10 applications to see, which raises a new and interesting question, particularly for @Fuze

Because those 10 new applications (all for Mobile Phones; Smartphones) are:

  • Fuzesol
  • Fuzesole
  • Fuzenxt
  • Fuzeprime
  • Fuzeuni
  • FuzeSupra
  • FuzeTurbo
  • FuzeDuo
  • FuzeOmni
  • FuzeUltima

So, it would certainly seem like A company called Fuze is about to enter the mobile/smartphone market, right??

THE fuze? Or A Fuze?

I dunno, I’m just a trademark Ninja

Full Details of all the Fuze Trademarks and all the trademarks filed by the same company including KaiOS and other details below

Sino Legacy Holdings Trademark Applications
Sino Legacy Holdings Trademark Applications

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