Chat Shit Get Banged Trademark Application 

 December 5, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja


Chat Shit Get Banged

A while back there was a big ‘To Do’ about the fact that somebody had applied for a trademark for ‘Jamie Vardy’s Having A Party’. I first pointed out that trademark application a while back.

Apparently, the Vardy’s weren’t best pleased, particularly Rebekah if the press is to believed

Well last Friday, a Company in which Jamie (@vardy7) and Rebekah (@rebekahvardy) are directors, V9 Media Limited applied for a trademark for the same “Jamie Vardy’s Having A Party”

Jamie Vardys Having A Party Officially This Time Rebekahvardy Vardy7 Vardyparty

But Looking into it, they have actually applied for a few more trademarks in the UK also:

Jamie And Rebekah Vardys Company V9 Media Applies For Trademark For Chat Shit Get Banged


They have also applied (as you can see) for V9 Academy, and more importantly (or entertainingly at least) “Chat Shit Get Banged”

It’s “A Thing” apparently:

Jamie Vardys Company Applies For A Trademark For Chatshitgetbanged
Jamie Vardys Company Applies For A Trademark For Chatshitgetbanged

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