Seat Barna – New Seat Model Revealed in Trademark Application? 

 September 22, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja


Seat Barna

I will be very interested to see what the traction on this post for the Seat Barna is like.

Seat, the Spanish Car Company have applied for a trademark for ‘Seat Barna’ for cars, and car parts and accessories. New Seat model perhaps? Well, you would think so. There’s a few results in Google if you put in the term “Seat Barna”, and most are irrelevant, but there is this one post, which brings you to this:

Seat Barna Concept Electric Motorcycle


I think (from what I can gather) that’s just an independent product designers concept from 2014, but who knows.

Here’s the Seat Barna EU Trademark Application, filed yesterday 21 September 2016:

Seat Barna Trademark


Now the main reason that I say I’ll be curious about what kind of reaction this gets is because I’ve broken car exclusives before and they’ve gotten very little traction at all. This is in stark contrast to technology exclusives and entertainment exclusives, which are picked up on immediately.

For example, months ago I tweeted lots of reputable car blogs, publications and journalists about the Toyota i-Veek trademark I had found and do you know how many of them picked up on the story? ZERO. Not one. A possible new model from one of the biggest car companies in the world, and the interest, NONE. I thought that was very very odd.

I have also posted a few stories about the Jaguar XJ13 (some small interest from small blogs, albeit with no credit to my site, boo erns), the Nissan IDS Concept Car, and a few others, none of which have had any traction whatsoever.

Granted, a new Seat isn’t the sexiest car story going to be fair, but it’s still surely at least worth a tweet from a car blog or authority, no?

Let’s not forget that Seat is part of the Volkswagen Group after all, you know, second biggest car group in the world?!

Seat Barna Volkswagon

And given the amount of shared chassis and body and engine parts, wouldn’t a new car model for one company likely lead to new models elsewhere within the group? We’ll see!

One theory I came up with from my time in radio is that the industry is just too small, and if you’re a motoring journalist who breaks a story that a car company doesn’t want broken, then that’s the end of any more test drives of their cars for you. So maybe that’s it.

Anyway, for anyone who cares, the Seat Barna may likely be an upcoming model from Seat.


Before all the keyboard warriors of the world come out to play

  1. Registering a trademark doesn’t mean you will use it (though it is supposed to) and therefore this doesn’t mean 100% there is going to be a Seat Barna
  2. If you ask any company that doesn’t want to talk about their trademarks, they will say something along the lines of “Registering a trademark is nothing out of the ordinary, we do it all the time to protect our brand and potential future brand opportunities. This is nonsense. Good PR Nonsense, but usually nonsense nonetheless.

In Seat’s case here’s all the trademark’s applied for by Seat S.A for the last 2 years:

Seat Trademark Applications

So actually, there’s also other possibilties

And the trademarks you should pay the most attention to are the ones with the global protection applied for (the ones with lots of letters) being:

  • Seat TEQTA
  • S Seat
  • Seat IQNA

From what I’ve seen on Google the IQNA is supposed to be the mini SUV released next year, which would suggest that the company tends to register a trademark for a model in development about 2 years before it’s going to be released, one could argue (this Ninja certainly would)

That is all.

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