Resistance Is Futile Trademark Application 

 September 21, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja


US Trademark Applications – 14 September 2016

Here’s a look at the US Trademark Applications filed on 14 September 2016:

First up, who’s in the market for some Borg Boxers, because CBS loged a trademark for them:

Resistance Is Futile Trademark Boxers

Resistance is futile, futile I tells ya!


The Natural Confectionery Company US

This is the single greatest thing to happen to the USA ever, I would say! It looks like The Natural Confectionary Company from Australia/New Zealand are bringing their yummy sweets (the Americans amongst you will call them ‘candy’) and Jellies stateside



@FoxSportsLab Trademark Application in the US:


Collide App Trademark Application for Social Networking with the Stars


Dr Lee 90210 Trademark Application

Where was this when Luke Perry needed it


Mini Universe Trademark Application from Jada Toys


Hoover Trademark Application…..for Hoovers (Vacuum Cleaners)

This is of particular interest to trademark nerds


ROAV Heads Up Display (HUD)


Draft King Live Trademark Application (DK Live)

draft-king-live-us-trademark-application-draftking  Victory Or Death

Tell us how you really feel State of Texaswhat-a-lovely-sentiment-by-oh-the-state-of-texas-victoryordeath-texas

Slide Cola Trademark Application

Could this be the next Coke Killer? Probably not I feel, but who knows!


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