Taylor Swifts Sucks, Ringo Star Sues Ringgo Star, and The Olympics – Today’s Interesting IP 

 May 23, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja


It’s been a busy day for Trademarks and Intellectual Property, here’s a rundown of some of the most interesting bits and pieces from the web spotted online today, including:

  • Ringo Star (from the Beatles) suing Ringgo Star (not from the Beatles)
  • Taylor Swift Sucks
  • Managing your rights at the olympics!

Click on the links below to learn more about Trademarks and other things! From Dublin, Ireland, it’s today’s Interesting IP


Trademark Ninja

I'm A Ninja. You know, Ninja Stars, Ninja Nunchucks, all that sort of good stuff. I'm dispensing truth and justice Ninja Style.....in a very civilised and non-litigious kind of way. Unless you make the Ninja angry, then KARATE-CHOP! Fine, fine. I'm not a Ninja. I'm Brian Conroy, Trademark Agent and Solicitor in Dublin Ireland. Find me (in non Ninja form) at www.brianconroy.com

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