LinkedGinge, Dreamfields and Britain’s Number 2 Toilet Paper – This Week’s UK Trade Mark Applications 

 October 11, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


Every Friday the UK Trade Mark Office publishes its Official Journal. Here’s the pick of this weeks applications (Friday 09 October 2015):

This could be my new favourite Trade Mark application of all time…

Rave to the Grave

Followed closely in second place by this, which is pure genius not just because of the name of the Trade Mark applied for (in the context of the product) but also for the name of the company applying for it:

Britain's Number 2 - Crap Goods Limited

Does this ‘b’ look familiar to anybody else? Because it has nothing to do with a social network you may have been a memeber of as a teenager!Boobbio - Bebo

Waterford Irish Whiskey Is travelling across the water it seems:

Waterford Irish Whiskey

Making Tins of metal are we? Need a clever name that’s a pun and plan on words do we? Tinvitation it is.


The Rack pack is mostly notable because it was applied for by entertainment Giant ‘Endemol’, and on further Goggling, it’s the first feature film created specifically for BBC iPlayer, and it’s produced by Endemol. It’s about snooker by the way

The Rack PAck

Bow down before the Ministry of Feline Overlords…Me-Ow.

The ministry of feline overlords

This is interesting. Someone has applied to register the Talbot Trade Mark, as in the now defunt car maker. That’s their exact logo. I don’t think this means Talbot Cars are making a comeback or anything, but rather perhaps the Trade Mark for the brand had lapsed (because they no longer make them) and someone has taken the opportunity to snap it up? That’s a guess now to be fair.

talbot cars

As a relatively new father, the more technology you can squeeze into a cot the better! Take my money now…

Smart Cot

I wonder if Snoop Dogg would take issue with people using his weird form of language thusly? Fo’ Shizzle Shadizzle.


Red Bull have applied to Trade Mark….eh, Red Bull. For lots of Classes, but also Class 32 for soft drinks. That’s kind of odd, right?

Red Bull

Calling All Band Geeks (I used to be one, so I say it as a term of affection)….if you are a brass instrument player, then why not pick up some ‘brass finger buttons with semi-precious stone inserts’ or what not, and Pimp Your Horn:

pimp your hornForget LinkedIn, the new social network of choice, LinkedGinge…seriously.

Wanna come over to mine for a few Keiths?
Keith Beer

I postively insist that people stop calling their products ‘iThings’. Stop. Just stop stop stop….
ivapo iscarf iPadel

Quality name for a porter…

Hung Drawn and PorteredLooks like the Hard Rock Hotel group is coming to the UK. As far as I can see from their website, they don’t have a hotel in the UK at the moment, but it must be coming…Hard Rock Hotel London anybody?
Hard Rock Hotel London

I do think this is a clever name for jewellery, but I can’t imagine ‘Lego’ are the type of company that lets anybody use the name lego for anything….so it will be interesting to see if they oppose this one. My money is on ‘yes;’


I don’t know precisely what it is, but I do know that is someone offered my some ‘Gentelmen’s Chuckaboo’, my gut reaction would be ‘get away from me…..pervert’…

Gentlemens Chuckaboo

You know Christmas is coming when you start seeing seasonal Trade Mark Application

s.Elf for Christmas

This is potentially quite interesting as clubbing giant Creamfields have applied to register ‘Dreamfields’ in the UK. Dreamfields seems to be one of their festivals, but doesn’t appear to have been held in the UK. So I’d say this means Dreamfields UK is coming soon!


I’m assuming this isn’t OUR David Norris, though I’d imagine the senator would throw quite the bash!

David Norris - Wedding Hero

BT Sport have about a billion Trade Marks around the brand BT Sport – BT Sport Films, for showing films about sport, one assumes…

BT Sport Films


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