Sky, Skype, Skydrive and SkyPrivate – A Big Broo Ha Ha is a comin’ 

 September 23, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


You may not have heard, but there was a big ‘to do’ back in May about a Trade Mark action involving Sky and Skype, where the Courts held that the two could be confused. Previously, Microsoft had to change the name of its ‘SkyDrive’ could storage service to ‘OneDrive’ because of Sky’s Trade Marks in the UK.  You can read more about all of that HERE

Imagine my surprise then to see this Trade Mark Filing which was filed with OHIM yesterday:


Danger Will Robinson, Danger (old school joke there in case you missed it)

danger will robinson

Anyway, it has been filed in the following classes:

Goods and services

  • 9Computer e-commerce software; Computer software for business purposes; Application software for social networking services via internet; Communication software for connecting computer network users; Community software; Computer e-commerce software; Computer programmes for use in telecommunications; Computer software designed to estimate costs; Computer software platforms; Software applications for use with mobile devices; Software for tablet computers; Software for online messaging; Software for facilitating secure credit card transactions; Computer software; Computer telephony software; Computer software for time control.
  • 35Advertisement for others on the Internet; Business administration services for processing sales made on the internet; Provision of an on-line marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services; Provision of advertising space, time and media; Advertising by transmission of on-line publicity for third parties through electronic communications networks.
  • 36Automated payment services; Payment administration services; Payment transaction card services; Electronic wallet services (payment services); Financial transfers and transactions, and payment services; Bill payment services provided through a website; Collection of payments for goods and services; Processing payments for the purchase of goods and services via an electronic communications network.
  • 42IT consultancy, advisory and information services; Programming of software for e-commerce platforms; Computer programming and software design; Programming of software for Internet portals, chatrooms, chat lines and Internet forums; Provision of on-line support services for computer program users; Computer software integration

We wont know who filed the application until they pay over their cash. I’ll get the PopCorn.



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