Hoverboards, Angry Birds and A Cabin in the Woods – Today’s Interesting IP 

 September 15, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


It’s been a tough day at Interesting IP towers. There’s not a lot of gold out there today, but still a few nuggets:

Also, there’s been some other interesting articles, but they are behind paywalls. For what it’s worth:

Angry Birds haven’t been able to stop ‘Angry Bite’ in the Class 30 Food Category

A scriptwriter to says the Purge is ripped off from his original script says two of the producers he was suing should not have been removed from the case

The producers of ‘A Cabin in the Woods’ were also sued by someone saying the movie ripped off a 2006 novel. The judge disagreed saying that “the only similarities between the two were unprotectable horror tropes.”

More tomorrow


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