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Taylor Swift applies for Trademarks For ‘Swiftie’ and ‘Swifties’

Swiftie Trademark filed by Taylor Swift Are you a Swifty or Swiftie? Well, either way, you’re now Taylor’s…The company that control’s her intellectual property (TAS Rights Management LLC) applied for a load of trademarks last week for the words ‘Swiftie’ and ‘Swifties’, like so: Bad News For Tay Tay in the UK though, there’s already a ‘Swiftie’ trademark for clothes in the UK:   Here’s the Goods/Services for the two marks Taylor has applied for: 25 List of goods and services Tops; tops for men and women; athletic tops for men and women; tank tops; shirts; t-shirts; short-sleeve shirts;...

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Nissan Project Black S – Trademark Filed by Nissan

Nissan Project Black S On 22nd February 2017, car maker Nissan applied for a European Trademark for ‘Project Black S’ It’s registered for: Goods and services                 English (en)              12Vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail; automobiles; electric vehicles; waggons; trucks; vans [vehicles]; sport utility vehicles; motor buses; recreational vehicles (RV); sports cars; racing cars; bicycles; lorries; fork lift trucks; tractors including towing tractors; brake pads for land vehicles; vehicle bumpers; air bags [safety devices for land vehicles]; mudguards; parts of land, air and...

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Dublin Airport Go Beyond Trademark Application

Go Beyond Dublin Airport Regular followers of this blog (yes, I believe there are a few) will be aware of my belief that trademarks can sometimes predict the future (most notably when a post of mine predicted the British Telecom rebrand, and was picked up by the Financial Times, and more recently in relation to the FBD rebrand…..which wasn’t picked up by anybody) That in mind, yesterday the DAA applied for two trademarks Dublin Airport Go Beyond Go Beyond If you were a betting man (and I’m not) you would think this is likely a small scale rebrand, or a nudge in that direction. Of course, that’s pure speculation on my part. Occasionally companies will file trademarks for things they are thinking of using, and then it never happens, although I have to say that in my experience, that happens less than people think. Here’s the full application details: And for the fullness of conversation, here’s all DAA’s other trademarks:     Incidentally, there are already a number of ‘Go Beyond’ trademarks filed in either the EU, Ireland or Globally that would have effect in Ireland, but they are mostly in different classes: DAA Trademark Application For #GoBeyond #DublinAirport #DAA Dublin Airport Go Beyond Trademark Applicatoin Filed By @DAA #DublinAirport And here’s what Google has to say about it!...

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