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Star Trek Reliant – Patrick Stewart’s New Star Trek Show’s Name Revealed

Star Trek Reliant If you can find anybody who will take the bet, then do yourself a favour and bet them 10 quid that the name of the next Star Trek show featuring Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard will be called ‘Star Trek Reliant’. Why So? The trademark filings ‘make it so’* Star Trek Reliant Trademark Application A few days ago the nice folks at CBS filed this Star Trek Reliant trademark application: It just so happens that they filed this trademark application the same day that Patrick Stewart announced he was reprising his role as Jean...

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Microsoft Faststart Trademark Application – Microsoft Faststart Online Video Game Platform

Microsoft Faststart Trademark Last week (24 May, 2018) MIcrosoft filed a US Trademark Application for ‘Faststart‘ for ‘Entertainment services, namely, providing online video games‘. Is this something that the gaming community knows about? I’ve done some google searches, and while ‘Microsoft Faststart’ goes throw up some results, none of them have anything to do with comptuer games or video games, or providing them online. If you know anything, let me know. Microsoft Faststart Trademark Details: Here’s the trademark application from the USPTO...

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Samsung Dead Body Falls Trademark Filed For VR Games and Products

Samsung Dead Body Falls What are those scamps at Samsung up to? They have just filed (well, yesterday) an application with the EUIPO for a Trademark registration for ‘Dead Body Falls’. Here’s the application, check it out what it’s applied for after the jump: Dead Body Falls Trademark One of the interesting things is what this has been applied for: Class 9 – Virtual reality game software; Interactive game programs; computer game software; downloadable mobile game software; electronic game software; computer video game software; software; downloadable smart phone application (software). Class 42 – Development of Virtual Reality game software; development of...

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