Samsung Dead Body Falls

What are those scamps at Samsung up to? They have just filed (well, yesterday) an application with the EUIPO for a Trademark registration for ‘Dead Body Falls’.

Here’s the application, check it out what it’s applied for after the jump:

Samsung Dead Body Falls Trademark Application 2

Dead Body Falls Trademark

One of the interesting things is what this has been applied for:

  • Class 9 – Virtual reality game software; Interactive game programs; computer game software; downloadable mobile game software; electronic game software; computer video game software; software; downloadable smart phone application (software).
  • Class 42 – Development of Virtual Reality game software; development of VR game software; hosting platforms on the Internet for delivery of multimedia content; design of games; development of game software; maintenance of computer game software; rental of computer game software; computer game programming; installation, repair and maintenance of computer software; application service provider (ASP); Computer programming services for creating augmented reality videos and games.

Class 42 is a services class, that means it provides services (obvs) rather than hardware (VR Headsets) or Software (VR Games/Apps), which are already covered in class 9. Is there any chance this is a Samsung owned or backed VR Games Studio, I wonder?

Do Dead Body’s Only Fall In Europe?

Another interesting thing here is that the EU trademark application seems to be the only one. There is no other trademark I can find anywhere else in the world (yet) and this doesn’t claim priority from any trademark filing in Korea or anywhere out that neck of the woods.

Samsung Dead Body Falls Application

Samsung Dead Body Falls Trademark Application 1

You Heard It Here First:

Samsung Dead Body Falls (first)

Samsung Dead Body Falls (first)