UEFA World Nations League Logo Revealed – It’s, eh, lovely. 

 June 1, 2018

By  Trademark Ninja


World Nations League Trademark

On 31 May, 2018, UEFA applied for a trademark for ‘World Nations League’ a proposed new competition/league to replace international friendlies.

You can read more about the proposals here from the BBC:

World Nations League Trademark Application


The application for a trademark mirrors the image used in a UEFA presentation:

UEFA Nations League Explainer Courtesy BBC and UEFA
UEFA Nations League Explainer Courtesy BBC and UEFA

So, what do we all think?

Incidentally, the application is for:

Goods and services

  • Class 25 –Clothing; shoes and footwear; headgear; shirts; knitted fabrics (garments); pullovers; sleeveless pullovers; T-shirts; vests; singlets; sleeveless singlets, frocks; skirts; underwear; bathing suits; bath robes; shorts; trousers; sweaters; bonnets; caps; hats; sashes for wear; scarves; shawls; peaked caps; tracksuits; sweatshirts; jackets, sports jackets, stadium jackets (chasubles); blazers; waterproof clothing; coats; uniforms; neckties; bandanas; wristbands; headbands; gloves; aprons; bibs, not of paper; pyjamas; play clothes for infants and children; stockings and socks; stocking suspenders; belts; suspenders and braces; sandals, thong sandals; athletic footwear, namely outdoor shoes, hiking shoes, basketball shoes,cross-training shoes, cycling shoes, indoor sports shoes, running and track-field shoes, flip-flops, football shoes (indoor and outdoor), football boots, canvas shoes, tennis shoes, urban sports shoes, sailing shoes, aerobic shoes; sports apparel namely fleece tops, jogging suits, knit sportswear, sport casual pants, polo shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, soccer style shirts, rugby-style shirts, socks, swimwear, tights and leg warmers, tracksuits, functional underwear, singlets, bra tops, leotards, snow suits, snow jackets, snow pants.
  • Class 41 – Education; training; entertainment; operating lotteries and competitions; sport-related betting and game services; hospitality services (sport, entertainment); hospitality services, namely customer reception services (entertainment services), including provision of admission tickets for sporting or entertainment events; issuance of tickets, including on a global computer network (the Internet), for sporting, entertainment, cultural and educational events; sports tickets agency services; providing online information in the fields of sports and sports events from a computer database or the internet; entertainment services relating to sporting events; sporting and cultural activities; organization of events and sporting and cultural activities; organization of sporting competitions; organization of events in the field of football; operation of sports facilities; fun park services; health and fitness club services; video and audiovisual systems rental; rental of interactive educational and recreational products, of interactive educational and recreational compact disks in the field of sports, of CD-ROMs and computer games; production of interactive compact discs and of CD-ROMS; television and radio coverage of sports events; production services for radio and television programs and videotapes; ticket reservation services and information for entertainment, sporting and cultural events; sports camps services; timing during sports events; organization of beauty contests; interactive entertainment; online betting and game services on the Internet or on any wireless electronic communication network; provision of services relating to raffles; information in the field of entertainment (including in the sports field), provided online from a computer database or via the Internet or via any wireless electronic communication network; electronic game services transmitted via the Internet or on mobile telephones; book publishing; on-line publishing of electronic books and newspapers; audio and video recording services; production of animated cartoons for the movies, production of animated cartoons for television; rental of sound and image recordings for entertainment; information in the field of education provided online from a computer database or via the Internet or via any wireless electronic communication network; translation services; photography services; rental of football stadiums; programming and/or rental of film recordings and of sound and video recordings; services in the field of statistical and other information on sports performances, radio and television programming; provision of entertainment infrastructures, namely, VIP lounges and sky boxes both on and off site sports facilities for entertainment purposes.

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