Matt Groening – Disenchantment

I have a pretty good reputation when it comes to predicting the future (see my prediction about the name of JK Rowling’s Next Book, for example, or any of the exclusives over there to the right of this page)

The more I get right, the more emboldened I become.

SO, If you had $10 to spare and could find any bookies to give you the odds, then I would stick that cash on the next project from Matt Groening being called Disenchantment.

And this being the logo:

Disenchantment Logo

Here comes the science bit*

There’s been a lot (A LOT) of trademarks filed by a company called Bapper Entertainment for both the word ‘Disenchantment’ and the above logo. All over the world. Which makes these applications stand out. In outlay (so totally excluding lawyers fees) this company has spent over €20,000 by my, very rough, calculations applying for these trademarks around the globe. So, not an insignificant amount of money then. People will tell you companies does this all the time. They don’t. You almost never see a global trademark application pattern on this scale unless it’s for something big. Finally, According to the internet (which never lies), Matt Groening is or was in some way involved in Bapper Entertainment.

Here’s one such application for the trademark in the US and the Google Search results that show that Google doesn’t think I’m right. I may not be, but I’ll be danged if I’m going to let the JK Rowling thing happen again!

DisEnchantment Trademark Application

And here’s the global countries is has been applied for in (aside from the US and EU)

Disenchantment Countries Of Application

Disenchantment Countries Of Application

Oh, and the attorney that filed the applications in the US, here’s some of the other trademarks she has applied for:

  • Life In Hell
  • Matt Groening’s Mattongo Toys
  • The Curiosity Company
  • Planet Express
*There is absolutely no science involved. I could very easily be wrong.