EU Trademarks – Here are all the latest Applications 

 November 6, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja


EU Trademark Applications

Here are all the latest EU Trademark Applications – Hover over each for details:


Samsung Have Applied For A Trademark For Superdeals Presumably On Note 7s And Washing Machines Zing Samsung Samsung Superdeals Massive Tv Company Freemantle Media Have Applied For A Trademark Across The Eu For Loveisblind Freemantle Freemantle Bmw Have Applied For A Trademark For Today For Tomorrow In The Eu Toyota Have Applied For A Trademark For Yui For Ai For Automobiles Toyota Toyotauk Toyotaireland Toyota Yui The Wwe Wweuniverse Lads Have Applied For Their 205 Live Trademark Very Close To Ufc 205 In My Humble Opinion General Motors Have Applied For A Trademark For Maven To Convert Your Bike Into An Electric Bike Gm Gm Maven Oh Ysl Not You Too Yves Saint Lauren Jump On The Emoji Band Wagon With Ymoji Trademark Application Ysl Ymoji Huawei Applies For An Eu Trademark For A Step Ahead After Launch Of Mate 9 Huawei Huawei Astepahead Namco Bandai Have Applied For This For A Trademark In The Eu Namco Bandai Namcobandai The Guy Behind The Walking Dead Has Applied For This As A Tradeamrk In The Eu And Us For Merchandise Thewalkingdead Walkingdead Survivors Samsung Have Also Applied In The Eu For A Trademark For Bixby Its Rumoured Ai Assistant And Answer To Siri Etc Samsung Samsung Bixby Someone And Im Not 100 Sure Its Fifa Hav Applied For This The Best Fifa Football Awards Logo As A Trademark Fifa Fifa Hyundai Smart Sense Trademark Application In The Eu Hyundai Hyundai Smartsense The Goods And Services That Sony Have Applied For A Trademark For Guerilla For Sony Sonyguerilla Sony Have Applied For This Trademark Guerilla For All Sorts Of Computer Stuff Whats That All About Sony Sony Guerilla Quite Clever From Revlon For Deodorants The Trademark Black T Shirt Approved Ricky Zoom Because You Know Ricky Zoom Applied For As A Trademark In The Eu By The People Behind Peppa Pig No Less Nissan Applies For Trademark For Get Go For Car Sharing And Car Renting Nissan Nissan Getandgo Jaguar Land Rover Applies For Trademark For Xkss For Driverless Motor Vehicles And Other Things Because We All Know A City Isnt A Real City Witihout A Comic Con Warsawcomiccon Another New Monsterenergy Flavour Looking By The Trademark Application Tropical Thunder No Less Monster Tropicalthunder I Thought You Had To Always Say It Twice Shakira Shakira Obviously Not New Shakira Fragrance Dance I Cant Help But Feel That Forever21 Might Have An Issue With This Forever21 Forever21 Forbidden21 So Simoncowells Production Company Simco Applies For Trademark For Living With A Killer Sky Tv Have Been Applying For All Sorts Of Now Tv Related Bits And Bobs Whats Up Sky Skytv Nowtv U

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