Beats EP Headphones? 

 September 7, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja


Beats EP Headphones….or something else entirely?!

Updated 13 September at 14:50 GMT

I was actually SORT of right all along….(you may have to read the sequence below to find out what I’m talking about)

Updated 07 September at 14:50 GMT

A lot of people have gotten to me to to say that the below headphones aren’t new, they are Will-i-Am earphones that have been available for months on the apple store and they aren’t beats.

So I may have been a bit hasty in rushing this onto the interweb

However, the fact is still that there is a trademark application from Beats for “Beats EP” which was published for opposition in the US yesterday.

So, I’m wrong about them having anything to do with Will-i-Am it appears, but what are/is Beats EP then?

I was also wrong about being exclusive (sorry, it’s been a long few days and I only had 3 hours sleep last night)

Thanks to Mike, and MacRumours for setting me straight.

Apple registers “Beats EP” domains, files for trademark

Here’s what it’s registered for:

(511)Nice class number09
List of goods and servicesComputer software, namely, software for updating wireless speakers and headphones; computer software for use in controlling speakers, amplifiers, stereo systems, home theater systems, and home entertainment systems; audio speakers; loud speakers; earphones; headphones; microphones; electrical and electronic connectors, couplers, wires, cables, chargers, docks, docking stations, interfaces, and adapters for use with all of the aforesaid goods; covers, bags and cases adapted or shaped to contain audio players.

I’ll leave my self congratulatory post up as it was originally posted, so you can all marvel at what happens when you rush to put something online and shout your mouth off about it without properly fact checking it (*Spoiler Alert, major embarrassment)

Live and learn

Original Post…

What can I tell you, when you’re good you’re good…

You know the drill, if Google Doesn’t know about it, nobody does:

Beats EP Headphones

Well Apple Knows….and they can’t wait for us to see them apparently (click to enlarge)

I am plus eps bluetooth wireless headphones I Bet.

Here’s the trademark application, first applied for and priority claimed  back in October 2015, applied for in US on April 4th…..and PUBLISHED for the world to see??


Beats EP bluetooth headphones

Drops Mic.

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