Apple Airpods Trademarks

Hey Guys, so what about them Apple Airpods Trademarks, eh?

Yes, the big Apple event is only days away, and speculation about what’s coming is on the verge of reaching fever pitch!

There’s been all sorts of speculation about what we might get at the event, and I thought I’d add in my two cents, with “What the law knows about the apple event” (spoiler alert, a lot)

First up, Airpods.

The Trademark Applications for Airpods were spotted ages ago, but the application that most online articles refer to isn’t in apple’s name, it’s in the name of Entertainment In Flight LLC, and until now (as far as I can see from my Google searching at least, but apologies if you spotted it and I missed it) nobody has been able to show categorically that actually those applications are really Apple using a dummy corporation.

Well, I can prove it, like this*:

And that’s an edit of a much longer video with more information, which you are free to watch if that first video didn’t answer all your questions:


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*Sorry to everyone in Locke Lord LLP for constantly calling you Lord Locke. My bad.

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