Jaguar XJ13, & Coca Cola Frozen 

 August 10, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja


Jaguar XJ13

Anyone ever heard of the Jaguar XJ13?

Well apparently this is it:

Jaguar XJ13 Trademark 1

Jaguar only made one. Ever.

But yesterday, they applied for a trademark for “XJ13” which doesn’t seem like something you would really need for 1 car you made one of in 1966…..which leads to my jumping to the conclusion that Jaguar are going to make more, or re-release the XJ13 or something similar.

Wild speculation is my favourite

Here’s the Jaguary XJ13 Trademark Application:

Jaguar XJ13 Trademark Application

Goods and services

  • 12Motor vehicles; parts and fittings for vehicles; arm rests for vehicle seats; luggage bags specially adapted for fitting in the boot of vehicles; car interior organizer bags, nets and trays specially adapted for fitting in vehicles; head-rests for vehicle seats; vehicle head rest covers; wing mirror protective and vanity covers; car seat covers; covers for vehicle steering wheels; fitted covers for vehicles; engines for land vehicles; wheels for vehicles; alloy wheels; wheel trims; wheel rims; hub caps for wheels; hub centre caps; wheel covers; wheel sprockets; spoilers for vehicles; covers for vehicles; seats for vehicles; safety harnesses for vehicles; radiator grilles for vehicles; trim panels for vehicle bodies; vehicle center consoles sold as parts of vehicles and which incorporate electronic interfaces; bicycles; non-motorised scooters; parts, fittings and accessories for bicycles and scooters; strollers and prams, and their parts and accessories; baby, infant and child seats for vehicles.
  • 28Toys, games, and playthings; Scale models and toy models, all of motor land vehicles, all sold complete or in kit form; remote control toy vehicles; rideable toy vehicles; ride-on toy vehicles; fairground rides; coin-operated toy vehicles; handheld computer games; computer games equipment adapted for use with TV receivers; computer controlled toys; computer controlled toy-vehicles; computer controlled scale model vehicles; Sports equipment; sailing equipment [sporting articles]; horse riding equipment [sporting articles]; rugby balls and equipment for playing rugby; golf clubs, golf balls and golf bags; golf divot repair kit; stuffed toy animals; plush toys; frisbees, throwable toys; beach toys; outdoor toys; playing cards; puzzles; gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes; decorations for Christmas trees; Christmas decorations made of paper or card.

And while we’re at it, Jaguar Land Rover also applied for “35” yesterday

Land Rover 35 Trademark

Coca Cola Frozen

Coca Cola Frozen Trademark Application

Well then, what’s all this?

There does exist a Coca Cola frozen drink maker (slushy machine basically) that you can buy on the Coca Cola website (here) but this logo doesn’t appear on it. So are Coke releasing a frozen version of coke or is this just something to do with that machine?

Well, here’s the application and what it’s registered for, and it’s not a machine, so…..

Coca Cola Frozen Trademark Application Goods and Services

Monster Army

This is quite interesting, a trademark application filed yesterday for “Monster Army”:

Monster Army Trademark 1

And more interestingly what it’s registered for, namely clothes and a website

The Monster Army wants you:

Monster Army Trademark 2


And finally,

Specsavers Scandimania

Also filed with the EUIPO yesterday, by specsavers:
specsavers scandimania trademark

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