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Big Pimpin’ Lute

A case started in the US yesteday involving Jay Z (Jigaa Whaaaaaat) and Timbaland! They are being sued by an Egyptian musician who claims that they ripped off this song in creating Big Pimpin. Here’s a video side-by-side of the two songs:   Now, to be fair, the rap lads are asserting that the first thought the sample was royalty free, and that they subsequently paid for it, so it’s not a question of are they similar or anything. It’s acknowledged that they did use the sample, but that they were entitled to. Here’s some extra reading on it!...

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1001 Unique Visitors

I started writing this blog seven weeks ago, and today marked a big milestone for me, my 1,000th unique visitor. Now, in the greater scheme of things that’s a very small number of visitors to a website. BUT this is a blog about law. I’m hoping to give it as broad an appeal as I can, but at its heart, it’s a blog about law, and particularly one little section of law, Intellectual Property and Media Law. Given that there’s only 9,000 solicitors in Ireland, and in 7 weeks my blog has had 1,000 (sorry, 1,001) visitors, I’m...

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Shuffle Cat Cards, Nama & Liverpöhler Shenanigans – Yesterday’s European Trade Mark Filings

Another day, another load of busy beavers in Europe accepting Trade Mark Filings and applications. Let’s start with something close to home, as this was an Irish application for phone repair service ‘Smashlab’ – I just like seeing Irish companies applying at the European level: This is an application from ‘’ the crowd that brought you Candy Crush Saga. Could ‘Juicy Smash’ be their next big game…..that is exactly like Candy Crush Saga? While we’re at it, they also registered ‘shuffle cat cards’ yesterday. What that is, god only knows! Until they pay their cash, we wont know who...

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