Author: Trademark Ninja

Some of the greatest Trade Marks Applications Ever were filed yesterday. People. Are. Gas.

Yesterday was a cracking day for Interesting IP and whimsical or entertaining Trade Marks filed in the OHIM European Trade Mark Office:   Firstly, there’s ‘AlchollicA’, which will be instantly familiar to any Metallica Fans:   Then, the greatest name for a ┬árecruitment company I’ve ever seen:   This is a real thing apparently, it’s a card game and you can find out more about it HERE at : This is the Top Floor of the Morgan Hotel in London, and it looks swanky!   The boys and girls at Burberry have been registering the names of some...

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Huawei LiteOS – Is it going to be called HisiliteOS?

How do you know you’ve stumbled across something REALLY new? When Google doesn’t know anything about it of course: Well, Google might not know what it is YET, but it probably will soon because tech and electronics giant Huawie filed a Trade Mark Application for a Europe Wide Trade Mark for it yesterday:   I’m sure this has something to do with the company’s LiteOS which was announced back in May (and which Google does know about), but what sort of variation on this Operating System HisiliteOS is, well that’s as yet unknown. Interestingly, Huawei seems to have had...

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