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D’artagnan, The Grand National, and a weird Unicorn Thing – The most Recent European Trade Mark Filings

I was on holidays for a week. In the time since my last post about European Trade Mark Filings, there has been 3,079 filings/applications. I’m not going through all of them, so fingers crossed I haven’t missed anything great. I went back as far as Friday for you though, and here’s what we’ve got: Giddy Up Horsey, Jockey Club Racecourses Limited have filed an application for ‘Grand National’ and also one for Aintree : Not to be confused with the always superior DogTanian, this lot make food apparently, chicken mostly – I’m not sure how, but this Unicorn...

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The X Factor Groups – Trade Marked Today, presumably gone tomorrow….

That’s a little harsh given the success of One Direction, Little Mix and JLS I concede, but I’m still amused that one of Simon Cowell’s companies Simco Limited yesterday filed European Trade Mark Applications for: Alien Uncovered Reggie ‘n’ Bollie 4th Impact They (in case you haven’t been watchin, and let’s be honest, who has) are the groups through to the live shows in this year’s X Factor:   In other Trade Marks Applications filed yesterday, Wysteria Lane hats:   And the Apple Healthkit and Apple...

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Nirvana, Monsters Inc and The London Heist – Yesterday’s European Trade Mark Filings

So, Monster’s Inc called, and they want their character back! As far as I can see this has nothing to do with the Movies, but doesn’t it look the spit of Mike?? Emojis, emojis everywhere! I already brought you news of the movie the other week, but it looks as though everyone is getting in on the action, as emoji gets registered in about every category imaginable. In fact, there are currently 26 Trade Mark filings with the word ’emoji’ in them. Kurt Cobain would presumably be very unhappy, if this was anything to do with him. Total sell...

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