Author: Trademark Ninja

Mancaves, Vapegasms, & Virgin Blud – UK Trademark Applications (20 -22 May 2016)

Another Busy weekend for the UK Patents Office! I mean really, trademarks never sleep friends, loads of them bad boys filed on a Sunday would you believe! Below is a list of all the UK Trademark Applications filed with the UK Patents office from Friday to Sunday. It’s embedded here as a Google Reader document, so you may have to allow access or permission in your browser to see it...

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Slimmers Mist, Dribble Dry and Rhino Wrap – Trademark Ireland Applications to 18 May 2016

Well if there was any doubt that the recession was over, that doubt has been firmly cast aside by the most recent Trademark Applications filed with the Patents Office in Ireland. Here’s the list of Irish trademark applications filed from 16 to 18 may 2016. You’ll note the first one, “Slimmers Mist”. I challenge you to guess that that is! Go on, have a go……answer at the bottom of this page! Trademark Number Trademark Device Date of Application / Registration Status Applicant / Proprietor Goods & Services Classes 2016/01027 SLIMMERS MIST 16/05/2016 Pending MARTIN MURPHY 3 2016/01028 DRAWING WALKS...

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Klingons, The Queen and Louis Vuitton – Today’s interesting Intellectual Property

It’s time for today’s look at interesting intellectual property stories from around the world, today featuring: Whether you can have copyright in Klingon A huge rise in Freedom of Information requests The Queen Announces new Intellectual Property Bill Monster Energy Drinks win a domain name dispute and lots lots more Louis Vuitton wins a trademark case (it’s a big deal, they usually lose!) And lots more – Click on the links below to wet your whistle -Brian Conroy- Klingon enthusiasts to Paramount Studios in 'Star Trek' fan film legal brief: 'This will not stand, man' — BrianConroyLaw (@BrianConroyLaw)...

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