Amazon Nectar – New Product from Amazon….nothing to do with Bees 

 July 12, 2019

By  Trademark Ninja


Amazon Nectar Trademarks

Last week (but only spotted by me today) Amazon applied to register trademarks in The EU, US and UK for ‘Nectar’:

Amazon Nectar TM Applications

You might think this is for another one of their own label products, presumably Honey or some such.

You would be wrong.

In fact it has been applied for for the following services:

Provision of information relating to music; entertainment services, namely, providing playback of music in generated playlists via the internet and other communications networks; entertainment services, namely, a multimedia program series featuring music and musicians distributed via the internet and other communications networks.

Amazon does have a playlist for dance music on Amazon Music called  Nectar, but it seems odd to me that they would just apply for this standalone trademark for that alone, particularly when there’s only  49 songs on the playlist. Also, they have only ever applied for one other trademark for a playlist in the EU, being ‘Level’ in December 2018. So (potentially) watch this space!

Nectar Trademarks

It  will be interesting to see if this service ever arrives, or if trademark problems nix it from the get go. There are currently 107 trademarks registered in class 41 (the same class as this) which could cause a potential problem. Here’s just some of the more recent ones:

Nectar Trademarks

Nectar Records

And finally, spare a thought for poor Phil Barton, who only 3 days after Amazon, filed an application for trademark registration with the UKIPO for ‘Nectar Records’ and is likely to now have quite teh trademark fight on his hands!

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