FBD Re-brand

FDB insurance rebrand looks like it might be on the cards after the company applied for a number of trademarks with the Irish Patents Office this week, on 8th February 2017.

It should be stated that applying for trademarks doesn’t definitively mean that a re-brand is coming, but past experience with Eir (for example) suggests it’s highly (highly) likely, particularly as FBD as a company aren’t in the habit of applying for trademarks regularly

It appears they are doing for a ‘Nature’ theme with the logos involving a bird and a tree and the ‘tagline’ or ‘strapline’ being “Protection, it’s in our Nature”

Here’s all the applications:

FDB Trademark Applications

FBD Insurance New Logo As Part Of Corporate Re-brand

FBD Insurance Re-Brand - Trademark Applications Filed With Irish Patents Office

FBD Insurance Re-brand - New Tagline 'Protection, It's In Our Nature'

FBD Insurance Trademarks

FBD Holdings Trademark For#FBD

FBD Re-Brand Small Print

All the above applications were only submitted this week. They wont even be published for weeks if they are accepted by the patents office, and then there’s a period of 3 months from publication within which anyone can object to them….so this could be a while away.