Mercedes Light Band Trademark Application

This is a very unusual trademark application by Mercedes

This is what they have applied for:

Mercedes Light Band Trademark Application

But what’s even more interesting is how it is described (translated by Google Translate)

The mark is a position mark. The mark consists of a light band, which is located on the disk roots of front, side and rear windows of a vehicle and from there radiates in the areal extent of the disc upwards. Not part of the mark are reproduced in shades of gray contour of the body of the vehicle as well as the black-highlighted areas that suggest the window contour. The contours are used to mark the position of the mark.

and what it’s applied for in each of the classes:

  • 9 – Electrical and electronic apparatus and devices for driving support for vehicles; Navigation devices; electrical and electronic components and sensors, measuring, testing and control equipment; automatic and remote controlled Einschaltsysteme for vehicles; Systems for automatic opening and closing of car doors, boot, roof; Computer; Computer Software.
  • 11 – Lighting equipment for vehicles; Light reflectors for vehicles.
  • 12 – vehicles; Parts and accessories for vehicles.
  • 38 – telecommunications services for the driving support vehicles; Telecommunication services for the automated and remote controlled switching of vehicles as well as for keyless entry and keyless starting of vehicles; Transmitting, receiving and providing data.
  • 42 – Design and development of computer hardware and software; Providing telemetry, control, communication and command transmission software; Updating of computer software and databases; Maintenance of computer software.

Here’s the application in full:

Mercedes Applies For A Trademark For Lighting System

Anyone got any ideas??