Transformers Trademarks

On the day the trailer dropped for the new Transformers Movie, Transformers The Last Knight (Transformers 5), Hasbro the toy maker that makes the transformer toys applied for a range of trademarks in the EU.

Of course it could be a co-incidence, or, far more likely, these are the transformers who are going to play a big enough role in the movie that they are going to be made into toys

All the familiar faces and names are there, along with a few that are probably/possibly well known to proper transformer fans, but certainly aren’t known to me:


  • Grimlock
  • Ultra Magnus
  • Galvatron
  • Devastator

While a lot of people will say that these trademark filings mean nothing, I’ll be the one sticking a tenner on all these characters appearing in Transformers, The Last Knight.

Do with this information what you will!

Hasbro Trademark Filings Lodged In Eu

Hasbro Trademark Filings Lodged In Eu