Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition

Full disclosure, I’ve never played Bulletstorm. In fact, I haven’t played a computer game since Fifa 14. What, being a ninja is quite time consuming, I spend any free time playing Shinobi to get my eye in (little reference for the retro gamers there.

Anyway, Bulletstorm was a 2011 game.

A remastered version has been leaked about a few times (see here), but from what I can see, the new logo has never broken cover with any of those leaks……UNTIL NOW (Dun dun dun!!)

Below is the trademark application for ‘Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition’

It was filed two days ago with the EU trademark office in Polish (the below is the Google Translation)

Having been stung before with the Battlefield trademark, I’m extra careful these days! So below you will find all 4 trademark applications from developer ‘People Can Fly’ all with the same owner ID and representatives.

So it’s them.

For sure.

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Trademark

Bulletstorm Trademark Application Details Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition

People Can Fly Trademark Applications

People Can Fly Trademark Registrations