Lay’s United – Trademark Filed in EU, but for what? 

 October 14, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja


Lay’s United

It looks for all the world like a crest/logo for a new team, perhaps a football team like the New York Red Bulls, but is it?

Lays United

In a word, ‘No’

Well it doesn’t look like it.

Yes PEPSI have applied for a Europe Wide trademark for ‘Lays United’ or ‘Lay’s United’ to be precise, but the actual goods it’s registered for are:

Goods and services

  • 29Meat; fish; poultry; game; meat extracts; preserved, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies; jams; compotes; eggs; milk; milk products; edible oils and fats; Dips; cheese; yogurt; edible nuts; processed nuts; processed edible seeds; nut-based food bars; mixtures of fruit and nuts; Potato chips; potato crisps; potato-based snack foods; soy-based snack foods; soy chips; fruit-based snack food; fruit chips; yucca chips; Prepared beef; beef jerky; puffed pork rind; vegetable salads; fruit and vegetable spreads; vegetable based snack foods and chips; ready to eat snack foods consisting primarily of potatoes and chips, nuts, nut products, seeds, fruits, vegetables or combinations thereof; legume-based snacks and spreads.
  • 30Coffee; tea; cocoa; artificial coffee; sugar; rice; tapioca; sago; flour; preparations made from cereals; bread; pastries; confectionery; ices; honey; treacle; yeast; baking powder; salt; mustard; vinegar; sauces (condiments); spices; cereals; processed grains; snack food products made from cereal flour; snack food products made from potato flour; snack food products made from rice flour; crackers; taco chips; tortilla chips; flour-based chips; grain-based chips; cereal-based snack food; cereal based food bars; cereal bars and energy bars; rice-based snack food; rice chips; rice crisps; rice crackers; puffed rice; cakes (rice-); snack foods made from corn; processed corn; popcorn; roasted corn; puffed corn snacks; maize-based snack products; extruded snacks containing maize; poppadoms; pretzels; granola; granola-based snack bars; cereal seeds, processed; snack bars containing a mixture of grains, nuts and dried fruit [confectionery]; salsas; sauces; coated nuts [confectionery]; granola-based snack foods; maize-based snack products; ready to eat snack foods consisting primarily of grains, corn, cereal or combinations thereof.

So not a sports team then


As you were.

Full trademark application from the EU Trademark Office HERE

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