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 September 21, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja


US trademark Applications – 15 September 2016

So, good luck with the Woody (or slutty woody) Halloween Costume folks, Disney have applied for

Toy Story Halloween Costume Trademark

toy-story-trademark-applicatoin-sept-2016-for-haloween-costumes-toystory-halloweenThe Future of TV has arrived with

The Dream, Virtual Reality Televisionvirtual-reality-television-is-here-the-dream-virtual-reality-television-thedream

Simutronics – Seige: Titan Wars


Silicion Studio Corporation – Fantasica: Bloodlines

fantasica-bloodlines-trademark-filed-in-the-us-by-silicon-studio-corporation-fantasica-bloodlines-siliconstudioSkyfire Military Hardware

There is something very menacing about someone having the foresight to apply for a trademark for their radios for military applications for the purpose of coordinating battlefield communications and optimum battlefield firing of artillery, cannon, rockets, bombs and ballistic weapons, isn’t there??well-that-sounds-ominous-skyfire-military-check-out-the-goods-and-services

All Hail:

Cheesy The Cheesesteak Trademark Application


And the award for “Most likely to be sued by TopGear goes to…..”

Geartop Trademark Application


Stash – The Original Rigid Inflatable Cooler



Dany Marquez Trademark Applicationdany-marquez-trademark-application-for-downloadable-music-featuring-regional-mexican-music-danymarquez

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