You can’t spell Triumph without Trump – New Donald Trump Trademarks 

 September 12, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja


Donald Trump Trademarks

If you were judging who was going to win the Election in November solely on the number of trademarks filed, then I think Donald Trump would walk this election.

Equally, if you were to judge the election on the basis of the number of people a candidate has threatened with legal action, then I think Donald Trump would walk this election.

So here’s another two people to add to the list The Donald.

Using your name, without your permission. How. Very. Dare. They.

At least they are saying nice things though, right?

And now we all know, you can’t spell Triumph without Trump… (Click to Enlarge)

Latest Donald Trump Trademark Application 7 September 2016

Trump Day Trademark Application

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