Fabucci Footwear, Stabilo Highlighters & Snugglebugs 

 August 19, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja

Below you’ll find the most recent trademark applications filed with the Irish Patents Office

The most interesting one (for me) is the Stabilo Highlighter application, where you’ll see that they are applying to protect the design and shape (effectively) of what we all know as that particular brand of highlighter.

It is possible to trademark shapes as Trademarks, provided that the shape isn’t necessary to achieve a technical function or doesn’t give the sole value to the product.

This kind of trademark would prevent you then from releasing highlighters in the same shape as those highlighters, but not releasing highlighters in another shape.


Trademark Number Trademark Device Date of Application / Registration Status Applicant / Proprietor Goods & Services Classes
2016/01717 BROGHIES IRELAND 16/08/2016 Pending
JA Broghies Ireland ltd
2016/01718 NIBRT 17/08/2016 Pending
Killian O’Driscoll
41, 42
2016/01719 17/08/2016 Pending
Verily Life Sciences LLC
5, 9, 10, 16
2016/01720 17/08/2016 Pending
2016/01721 17/08/2016 Pending
2016/01722 17/08/2016 Pending
Tricia Nugent
18, 41

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