Cavendish Bikes and Bradley Bikes – UK Trademark Applications Filed 

 August 18, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja


Cavendish Bikes and Bradley Bikes

On Tuesday 16th August 2016, the day after Mark Cavendish secured his first ever Olympic medal, three trademark applications were filed which seem…..oh, I don’t know, they caught my eye, let’s leave it at that:

  1. Cavendish
  2. Cavendish Bikes
  3. Bradley Bikes

Cavendish Bikes Trademark Details

Now, if you saw a Trademark Application for Cavendish Bikes filed the day after Mark Cavendish won his first Olympic medal, what would you think?

Because I immediately thought “Oh Mark Cavendish must be releasing a range of bikes, good for him

And I assumed it was going to be something like the Boardman bikes you see all over the place (and especially in Halfords), like so:

Boardman SLR Endurance 9.2

So I looked into it, and the Trademark Application was lodged by Stomp Racing Limited.

So I looked into them, and I can’t see any association (in that he’s not a director) with Mark Cavendish. Now that isn’t to say that he isn’t connected with the company and this isn’t an official trademark connected with him….but it’s worth a question (which I’ve asked, on twitter, naturally). They are a legit bike company, albeit mostly BMX from what I can see, which makes the story even more interesting in my eyes.

So, while looking into that I also spotted the trademark application for “Bradley Bikes”, which instantly made me think of Bradley Wiggins (just me?). This seemed strange considering Bradley has a ‘Wiggins’ range of bikes with Halfords, like so:

Wiggins Bikes

And you’d be surprised (or I would anyway) if Halfords were ok with him releasing another range of Bradley Bikes in competition with these Wiggins Bikes.

So, Cavendish, Wiggins, what say ye, are these Trademark Applications anything to do with you?

@BrianConroyLaw if anybody has any info!

Incidentally, here’s all the trademarks owner or applied for by Stomp Racing Limited…

Stomp Racing Limited trademarks



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