Walkers Poppables

Anybody who knows me will know that I’m a massive crisp fan (chips, if you’re an American reader) so I smacked my lips when I spotted this trademark application in the UK for “Walkers Poppables” (that’s “Lays Poppables” if you’re outside the UK)

uk trademark walkers poppables

Oooooh, new crisps/chips

A quick check of google confirmed these aren’t something the world already knows about:

walkers poppables new product

Sign me up for the first pack.

After which I’ll obviously need to do some exercise. Luckily, Bruce Lee’s corporation has applied for 3 trademarks in the UK, including this one


UK trademark bruce lee
Speaking of which, this next gentleman is going to need a bruce lee type to help him get his trademark secured:
uk trademark stormtrooper
Talk about making life difficult for yourself. Stormtrooper, really??

UK Trademark Applications

Here’s all the recent applications for your viewing pleasure and/or delight