Anybody know who Rajinder Sharma is?

Because he’s been applying to registered football club trademarks like they are going out of fashion.

You can see the full list of trademarks he’s applied for below.

But unless I’m going mad (quite likely) those teams he’s applied for trademarks for don’t exist, or they have different crests to those registered?

Can someone double check I’m not going mad please?

The football crest applications are all for:

(510)List of goods and services
Classification version
Mark standard character
(511)Nice class number 25
List of goods and services Football jerseys;Football shirts;Replica football kits;Studs for football boots;Football boots (Studs for -);Football shoes;Football boots.
(511)Nice class number 41
List of goods and services Organisation of sports events in the field of football;Entertainment in the nature of football games;Football pools services;Organisation of football competitions;Organising of football events;Production of films on aspects of association football;Team building (education).

Also, you’ll notice in January of this year he applied to register “Millionaire in a Year” and “Football Billionaire”

Whatever he’s up to, I want in. Billionaire sounds lovely.

So, what’s the story?

Here’s the 14 companies he’s director of, does that shed any light on these new mythical football clubs?
Rajider Sharma Companies