Here’s the most recent trademark applications filed in the UK – Some interesting ones there, including this one which is applied for by Volkswagen / Skoda in the UK, but using the Skoda reference (which is why I think it more likely to be for Skoda than Volkswagen:

Skoda Driven by something Different

Driven By Something Different Trademark Application


Tinder Social have applied for a trademark for their new Tinder Social:
Tinder Social Trademark


Looks like there’s going to be a musical/theatre production of the Vera Lynn Story of this trademark application is anything to go by:

The Vera Lynn Story


This is quite a clever strapline for Hunter Wellies (those outrageously expensive wellies beloved by hipster festival goers) – Hunter’s Wellies Rain Starts Play….I see what you did there.
Hunter Wellies - Rain Starts Play

And for all the ladies with a tattoo in a certain location, have we got the clothing line for you:Tramp Stamp Trademark Application And finally, because it’s cute and makes me laugh, the trademark for Pie Jackers:

Pie Jackers

Here’s all the UK trademark applications for your perusal and delight: