EU Trademark

If you believe in the ability to predict the future based on trademark filings (and I do) then this is the new strapline for Lucozade Sport:

MAde To MOve Trademark

“Made to Move” indeed. We’ll see how far down the road it is before I see this on a Bus Shelter in Ireland. My money says February 2017. Anyone want to stick a tenner on it?

If you’re from Essex, and you’re planning on opening a salon any time soon, this name could be about to be out of bounds: Essex Girl. Simple and to the point really

Essex Girl
This made me laugh. I’m noto 100% sure why, but if it makes you laugh too then we must be on the same page….
Woman Key Trademark


Someone has applied for Public Displays of Affect as a trademark:

Public Displays of Affection Trademark


I just Like this as a brand name “Mad Monk Squad”

MAd Monk Squad Trademark


Finally, LG have applied for a trademark for Ultrawide Mobile+

LG Ultrawide Mobile+ trademark

And here’s all the trademark filings for yesterday, 25 July 2016