Trademark UK

Here’s a list of all the Trademark UK Applications filed with the UK patents office in the last week.

I’ve picked out some of the most notable ones below, and then the full list is at the bottom in the google viewer:

I’m loving ‘The Yeastie Boys” trademark application for brewing

Pretty sure “Sean the Sheep” is going to have something to say about “Stitch the sheep”

The return of Delorean with a Delorean Trademark Application?

I’d be surprised of BNW.COM doesn’t raise a few eyebrows

Indie Disco is close to home being a show on Spin1038

Specsavers is going to cause a right commotion with their application for ‘Should’ve’ and ‘Shouldve’

And could we have the first UK trademark for a Pokemon Go related application?

All below!

Yeastie Boys Trademark Application Stitch The Sheep Delorean Trademark Application BNW dot com Indie Disco Trademark Application Meet your Miracle Should've Trademark Application 2 Should've Trademark Application Pokemon Trademark 1

Full List of Last Week’s UK Trademark Applications: