Trademark EU

You’ll find all trademarks filed in the EUTM Offices yesterday below, and, as usual I’ve picked out some of the more, eh, eye catching trademark applications, like this one for example!

Extra Sperm


And I’ve no idea who these punter are, but I love the fact this is their trademark!Love this Trademark Application

Speaking of which, does anybody know whose signature this is?Whose Signature Is This

A new WKD drink flavour (colour?!) is on the way. I presume WKD NKD is supposed to be pronounced “Wicked Naked” but it’s been so long since I had a Fat Frog, who am I to say!


Lewis Hamilton has filed a trademark application for his name. He already has loads, but this is the first time he’s sought protection in these two categories, Beer and Toiletaries! Just FYI, he’s had trademark’s filed since 2001, when he was just 16. THAT’s what I like to see, get in and protect that brand early!

Lewis Hamilton Trademark Application


I can’t help but feel this Iron Girl trademark application is going to be vigrously opposed by, oh, I don’t know, the people who own Iron Man, whomever they might be!

Iron Girl Trademark Application

The rest of the applications here: