Trademark UK

There’s some REALLY interesting Trademark Applications filed with the UK Trademark Office over the last 48 hours!

Here’s some of the standout applications that caught my eye

Lots of “888” trademark applications – Always interesting to see how applications for numbers are treated, especially ones like this. I would take 888 to be a generic term in that I associate it with gambling slot machines generally

Balloon Chair Death Match Trademark Application – What in the holy hell is this I hear you ask? It’s a computer game. I can’t wait to see it!

Red Bull BBQ Grills Trademark Application – Hmmmmm, Red Bull, gosh, that name sounds familiar, I wonder if this company is going to face any opposition??

Red Bull BBQ Grills Trademark Application

A new dating service we can all get behind:

You've Pulled Trademark Application

Papa J’s Trademark Application – It’s just an application for a word trademark, and I expect that Papa John’s Pizza’s are going to object, I certainly would if I was them

Another Brexit Trademark Application – This time ‘Brexit Blue’ which, if granted, will be??? CHEESE!