Trademark UK

Every day here on the site I snoop through the Irish, UK, and EU Trademark Filings to see who has been applying for what. Below you can get the most recent UK Trademark Applications, and here’s some of the one’s that caught my eye:

I don’t know why this trademark application amused me so much, but there’s something about the ‘Vegan Gangster Partnership’ and the concept of a Vegan Gangster that cracks me up;

Trademark Application for Vegan Gangster

Trying to cash in on the viral ‘On Fleek’ pheonomena, and sure why not, here’s the ‘Fleek Clothing’ Trademark Application:Trademark Application for Fleek Clothing One UK Government department is doing its bit to try and save the bee with this Trademark Application:
Bees Need Food

What must surely be one of the most specific and niche awards ceremonies ever? The Scottish Asian Apprenticeship Awards. I can only assume they have registered this as a trademark because there’s a rival awards!

Scottish Asian Apprenticeship Awards


Hi receiptgram, this is Instagram calling, and we want our name back please – I’d be astounded if ‘Receiptgram’ manage to get this Trademark across the line

Receipt Gram

And here’s all the UK Trademark Applications filed since Thursday (that are up online so far, at least)