Trademark EU (EUTM)

There has been 1,059 Trademark Applications filed with the EUTM Office since last Thursday, and some noted and notable ones in there as well. You can check out all 1,059 in the Google Reader document embedded below, but here’s some of the ones that caught my eye:

Coffee In A Cone

James Joyce Whiskey

This Guitar Shape:

Guitar Trademark

Say Cheese Day Trademark Application – As much for this nifty logo as anything else, truth be told:

Trademark Application Say Cheese Day

Forest Gum Trademark Application – This has been applied for in the class for Chewing Gum, making it the greatest Chewing Gum of all time in my humble opinion

Trademark Application for Forest Gum chewing Gum

One of the biggest law firms in the world are trying to get in on the Brexit Action, as Allen & Overy move to trademark ‘Brexit Law’

Trademark Application from Allen & Overy for Brexit Law

I wonder if GoPro will have anything to say about this?

Trademark application fro Go Clear Camera

And if Google/Youtube will have anything to say about this…

Trademark Application for YuTubers

Finally, I’m not one for going off on Holidays and spending all day inside museums, but I could be tempted:

Trademark Application for the Bikini Art Museum

And here’s the lot: