The number of EU Trademark applications have gone through the roof recently, with 1166 trademark applications filed just over the last two days. Wowsers. That’s a lot of trademarks to go through, but I have, and here’s some of the more notable trademarks in there (all 1166 are listed below if you’re interested!)

It looks like ‘Cheese Strings’ are getting themselves prepped for Halloween already, with the registration of ‘scare strings’

Some evil genius has registered this crisp shape as a trademark for crisps, though I’m not sure packman will be too happy about it

The greatest crisp ever

Hasbro have registered ‘Transformers The Last Knight’ as a trademark, which is the name of their new movie due out next year


Easy Group have decided just to register everything. Literally, they have applied to register ‘EasyEverything’, see:

easy everything trademark application

and here’s the rest of them while we’re at it: