Trademark EU

Lots of goods stuff in the EU Trademark Office yesterday my friends!

A brand new, but actually quite like the old logo “30 Seconds to Mars” Logo Trademark Application was submitted yesterday.Interesting side note, I interviewed the band (back when i was a radio presenter) before their gig in Dublin, but we were split up so instead of getting to interview Jared, I interviewed his brother Shannon who plays the drums, meaning I didn’t get to ask Jared him about Claire Danes (and whether she always made that face she makes in homeland) or his time as Jordan Catalano. Probably just as well, as apparently he hates that. Even more interesting LEGAL sidenote, Jared holds the Trademarks for the band personally, which is unusual in that a record label would usually own all the intellectual property….. Fair play dude.

Thirty Seconds to MarsIn the past day there has been an Irish Trademark application for Heinoweiser and now an EUTM for


I’d say lawyers at Budweiser are loading their quills (or possibly picking up their dictaphone, who knows) as we speak.

For the Kid who needs to relax, and unwind, and who doesn’t right?

Milk & Cookes Kids Spa and Salon

I call NIGS on googling what a pessarie is:

Sexy Diary

Macys Applied for this EU Trademark


And here’s the rest of the Applications from yesterday: