Trademark Ireland – Force Awakens, Pitch Perfect and Ted Tours 

 May 25, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja


Trademark Ireland – The most recent accepted Irish trademark applications

These Trademark Applications have been accepted by the Irish Patents Office over the last couple of days. That means there are no absolute or relative grounds for objection to their publication under the Trademark Act 1996, as amended – SOOOOOo, they will now be published in the official journal, and everyone will have 3 months to object to their being granted the Trademarks for the goods/service for which they have applied.

Trademark NumberTrademarkDeviceDate of Application / RegistrationStatusApplicant / ProprietorGoods & Services Classes
254817Force Awakens04/04/2016Accepted
OS Properties LLC
254818PitcH Perfect29/03/2016Accepted
Eugene Matthews
254819Ted Tours29/03/2016Accepted
Janet Cavanagh
39, 41
254820Leman Solicitors01/04/2016Accepted
Laurence Fenelon
John Hogan
Ronan McGoldrick
35, 42, 45
254821GUDDY FASHION Guddy02/04/2016Accepted
Ronan O’Neill
254822ORIGINS Brand Storytelling04/04/2016Accepted
Ruth Long
35, 41
Herron & Son Limited
8, 12

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