Brooke Lodge, Umifalafel and Amazing Grace Beer – Trademark Ireland Applications to 20th May 2016 

 May 24, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja

Here’s the most recent Trademarks in Ireland as filed with the Patents Office up to 20th May 2016.

Applications for Trademarks Include:

  • Amazing Grace Trademark Application (For beer and spirits!)
  • Spar Express Trademark Application
  • Brook Lodge Hotel and Strawberry Tree Restaurant Trademark Applications, and
  • Umifalafel Trademark Application:

Full details on all the Irish Trademark Applications below, and you can click the link for more details on the Patents Office Website

rademark Number Trademark Device Date of Application / Registration Status Applicant / Proprietor Goods & Services Classes
2016/01050 AddToBill 19/05/2016 Pending
Cubic Telecom
2016/01051 PYE 20/05/2016 Pending
KB Europe Limited
9, 11
2016/01052 AMAZING GRACE 20/05/2016 Pending
Iona Campbell
32, 33
2016/01053 SPAR Express 20/05/2016 Pending
BWG Foods
35, 43
2016/01054 UMIFALAFEL 20/05/2016 Pending
Levant Foods Limited
2016/01055 STRAWBERRY TREE RESTAURANT 20/05/2016 Pending
2016/01056 BROOKLODGE HOTEL 20/05/2016 Pending
2016/01057 Goworky 20/05/2016 Pending
David Stone
35, 42, 45

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