Since trademarks have been around for a LONG time it’s fun to look back at this date in Trade Mark history and see what trademarks people were applying for many moons ago! Here’s 20 May 1956 to 20 May 2006:

20 May 1956:
Curichrome 1955

Curichrome has the slightly unusual honour of being the ONLY trademark applied for worldwide on 20 May 1956 (a Sunday)

20 May 1966:
Krups 1966

20 May 1976:DC Comics 1976

20 May 1986Lakes and Snadders 1986

Oh the 80s, never change!!

20 May 1996:Thunder Road Cafe Dublin 1996

Many’s a good birthday celebration had here down through the days! Dancing on the table?? Madness

20 May 2006:Great British Knobs - 2006