The Lynx Effect – New Trade Mark Smells 

 February 18, 2016

By  Trademark Ninja


God be with the days when a new Lynx smell was released and we all hurridly rushed to teh local shop to spray some into the lid and see if it was likely to result in ‘the shift’ at the next sweat filled teenage disco.

Well, Lynx just applied to register “Lynx Urban” and “Lynx Signature”, so ladies look out, I’m coming and I’ve got Brylcream in my hair and Lynx Urban on my pits, so you might as well just give in to my seduction now!


Incidentally, there is the current range of Lynx smells, many of my teenage favourites (what was that green one, Musk was it?) are no more:

Trademark Ninja

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