A new game from the makers of Farmville, The most hipster jeans EVER and Blue Shade – Yesterday’s TM Filings! 

 December 9, 2015

By  Trademark Ninja


Zynga, the company that brought you Farmville, Poker. Words with Friends (and all this other good stuff) has applied to register ‘Trivia With Friends” – Coming to terrorise your Facebook Timeline soon I’d wager:

Trivia With Friends


This is surely the most hipster brand of Jeans anyone has ever devised or conceived of anywhere, ever, right? Look at the logo for crying out loud! LOOK AT IT!


Swarve Jeans London

It was just announced this week, and Amazon have already moved to protect their ‘Blue Shade’ innovation which purportedly blocks out Blue Light and lets you get to sleep while still reading your Kindle Fire.

Amazon Blue Shade


I mostly include this application from Apple because my Magic Keyboard (old generation) stopped working this weekend for no good reason whatsoever, and this gives me a good opportunity to rant about it. According to my Google search, this is a very common problem when you chance batteries in the device, particularly if you haven’t used it for a while. So now I’ve a shiny silver paperweight (that’s our of guarantee) and no bluetooth keyboard. Screw you Apple and your Magic Keyboard.
Apple Magic Keyboard

This is mostly just included because it’s an hilarious logo for FC Koln. Look a the goat there, casually leaning on a logo like a boss.FC Koln

Rumoured for a few months, and already the subject of a TM in China, this possibly suggests that Huawei are getting closer to launch with this product, and that you could reasonably expect it to hit EuropeHuawei Matebook

I’ve never had it, but Irn Bru have registered what looks like a new logo to me (alebeit I haven’t done a huge amount of research on that!)

Irn Bru

Something about the name of this strikes me with fear. There’s a touch of skynet about it isn’t there? Cloud eye!

Konica Cloud EYe

This Filing was made by FR Kelly, which is an Irish firm that does a huge amount of Trade Mark work. “Never Never – Entertainment Services in the nature of presenting celebrity hosts in a nightclub setting and live DJ Performances’ – Sign me up quick!
Never Never
The FA Cup Logo ladies and gentlemen!
The FA Cup
Finally, I’m not sure what this is, but is’t some sort of USB Decide thing, wouldn’t you say? Anyway, they are seeking Trade Mark protection as a sneaky extra protection I would suggest!USB Thingy


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